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The care of trees in the built or urban environment.

When Trees Stand for a Nation

Bartlett Tree Experts and the 9/11 Memorial There are few symbols of life more powerful than a tree, and we are honored to manage the health and care of the 396 swamp white oaks that stand strong at the 9/11

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Hidden Dangers

What You Can’t See Can Hurt Your Trees A tree gets the water and nutrients it needs from the roots. If a portion of the root system is severed, or the roots are otherwise compromised, the tree will suffer proportionately.

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Predictive Analytics for Tree Care

We live in an age where computers increasingly play an ever-larger role in all facets of how we manage large amounts of information. Companies like Amazon and Apple use data to help forecast future decision-making and consulting firms such as Deloitte

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Understanding Urban Tree Threats: Speaker Event in Bristol, RI

Join Dr. Donald Booth of Bartlett Tree Experts, The Rhode Island Land Trust, and the Bristol Conservation Commission on March 5th at Rogers Free Library to learn more about the pests that seem to be invading our urban forests. Winter

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TCIA’s Plant Health Care Training Manual

A great reference book for anyone involved in plant health care is Plant Health Care Technician – Home Study 2 published by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). The book is geared toward those training to be a plant health

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