Structural Pruning

A Must-Do for All Trees Near Buildings or Walkways

Picture a tree in a forest, growing straight up through a shady canopy with a single stem, stretching for the sunlight above. Now think of a tree in your landscape. Growing alone, it has full access to the sun with minimal competition from neighboring trees. Outside of its natural habitat, it develops a wide crown with large lower branches and many limbs. These features structurally weaken your landscape tree.

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Helping Trees and Shrubs Recover from Extreme Weather

Extreme weather events happen in nearly every geography, leaving a lasting impact on the trees and shrubs in a landscape. Once the rain or wind has stopped, the snow has melted or the drought has passed, it takes time for plants to recover. During this time, trees are under a tremendous amount of stress.

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What Do Japanese Beetles Eat?


Though strangely beautiful with their metallic green bodies and copper wings, Japanese beetles are a major pest in the eastern U.S. that feed on more than 300 different plant species. You’ll find adult beetles feasting throughout summer and into early fall depending on location (beetles emerge from the ground in early summer in the southern part of their range and later in June or July in more northern areas).

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Drought Resistant Trees


Lack of water is the most common plant stress encountered in urban and suburban landscapes. In areas with persistent drought conditions, or those with a true dry season, selecting drought resistant and native species will result in a more sustainable landscape that is easier to maintain.

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Assessing the Risk of Trees Falling

While many trees have a long lifespan, they are still living organisms and will, at some point, structurally fail. However, the decision to remove a tree that adds value to a landscape should not be taken lightly. Property owners can make an informed decision by discussing their trees with an experienced arborist who has an understanding of how and why trees fail and which ones pose the greatest risk.

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