Five Common Tree Care Mistakes on Commercial Properties

While some people believe large piles of mulch against the tree trunk are aesthetically pleasing, they are actually a threat to tree health.

Trees are meant to grow in a natural environment where they thrive without any intervention. They are not adapted to live in commercial landscapes where the growing conditions are vastly different. Routine maintenance is the best way to acclimate trees to the less than ideal conditions of an urban or suburban landscape. However, the wrong kind of maintenance can result in permanent damage. Learn more about the most common tree care mistakes seen on commercial properties.

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Why You Need Both a Landscaper and an Arborist

The work of landscapers and arborists is not as interchangeable as it may at first seem. Each role requires a unique skillset, experience and equipment. Lumping this work together appears to be faster and easier when in reality it’s anything but. Entrust a job to someone that is not equipped or trained to handle tree work and the end result will likely be property damage and safety hazards.

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The Bartlett Legacy Tree Program in Goose Creek, SC

The Charleston office of Bartlett Tree Experts teamed up with some amazing kids from the recycling club at Devon Forest Elementary School in Goose Creek, SC recently to “Re-Forest” the Devon Forest neighborhood.

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Spring is Coming!

Maple buds are swelling — a sure sign spring is right around the corner! Late winter is a perfect time to get your trees and shrubs ready for the spring season!

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Pruning Standards

Are you considering having your trees pruned and wondering who to call? In addition to being TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) accredited, Bartlett Certified Arborists follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for tree pruning and safety.

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