Prescription Soil Fertilization Treatments

Soil ManagementOur prescription soil treatment service is a customized fertilization tailored to plant species’ nutrient requirements in the landscape. The first step for this service is to take a soil sample within the root zone of a plant to determine what nutrients are deficient to achieve a defined goal. When fertilizing, there is always a goal we are trying to accomplish. These goals can be overcoming an obvious nutrient deficiency, eliminating a nutrient deficiency that is not obvious, increasing growth, and increasing vigor or vitality. Continue reading

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Aerial Rescue Training

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Bartlett Tree Experts is committed to safety and training. This photo was taken at one of our aerial rescue training sessions, courtesy of our Manchester office.

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Bartlett’s MoniTor Program

MoniTor IPMA specialized service offered at Bartlett is our MoniTor® program that involves one or multiple visits by a Bartlett Plant Health Care Specialist inspecting all woody trees and shrubs on a property for insect and mite pests, diseases, and cultural problems that could impact plant health. If insect, mite, or disease problems are found on the plant, a specialized product will be applied to suppress the problem. If cultural problems exist, recommendations will be made.

The MoniTor program’s unique service is customized to the client’s property and expectations. Action thresholds are developed for pests on key plants based on the level of tolerance by the customer and plant species. It’s time to take action when the plant or customer has a noticeable reaction to the pests. The plant, its environment, and customer expectations are three important variables to understand for diagnosis and treatment. Continue reading

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Planting of Survivor Tree Sapling at Boston Public Gardens

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Bartlett’s Waltham, Massachusetts office planted a tree seeded from the 9/11 Survivor Tree in the Boston Public Gardens. The tree was given to the City of Boston by the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center.

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The 7 P’s for Trees

The 7 P’s for Trees, brought to you by the arborists in our Bergen County, New Jersey office in Waldwick:

1) Prepare: Learn about trees and their care.

2) Plan: Select planting location carefully and allow for tree growth.

3) Protect: Protect from wounding

4) Prevent: Prevent development of decay if damage occurs.

5) Prune: Prune as necessary, and prune properly. Remove dead branches and suppressed sprouts.

6) Provide: Provide adequate water, sunlight, and care for healthy growth.

7) Professionals: Utilize qualified assistance when needed.

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