Three Tree Care Concerns Your Landscape Budget Should Address

The trees in your landscape will continue to grow and change whether there’s money to care for them or not. Consider that preventing tree problems is nearly always going to be more effective and less expensive than reacting to those problems after the fact. As you plan for 2017, be sure your landscape budget addresses these three key tree care concerns.

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Boosting Tree Defense Systems

Natural defense systems enable trees to ‘fight back’ when they’re under attack from pests or disease or facing stress from environmental conditions like drought. Even with these defense systems in place, trees will decline when conditions become too severe or persist over long periods of time. Research and field experience has shown that application of potassium phosphite can increase resistance against a variety of pathogens and improve a plant’s ability to tolerate these environmental stresses.

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The Single Best Piece of Autumn Advice for Trees

A soil sample collected from beneath the tree will be analyzed to ensure soil treatments adequately address problems.

Would you be surprised to learn that soil conditions in urban environments are inhospitable to trees? That’s right. An urban growing environment is vastly different than the ideal conditions found in nature.

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Using Herbicides Near Trees and Shrubs


Many homeowners use herbicides, commonly known as weed killers, to battle persistent plants like ragwort, pigweed, crabgrass, dandelion, purslane, clover, poison ivy, and others. Of the wide variety of herbicide products available, not all contain the same ingredients. With that in mind, these products should not be used universally. The weed being treated, site, and surrounding plant material should all be considered when choosing a product.

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Arbor Day and Earth Day 2016

Faculty, staff, students, parents and siblings of a school in Brookline, MA planted seedlings for Arbor Day and Earth Day.

Trees are important for so many reasons. They make our communities more beautiful and livable. We want to share our love of trees with others. Encouraging people to plant and care for trees is just part of the picture.

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