Technical Training for New Arborist Representatives

The Bartlett Tree Research Lab staff recently welcomed the newest crop of Arborist Representatives for technical training that included four information- and demonstration-packed days and nights.

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Winter Tree Pruning: When and Why

Pruning cuts impact the structure and growth of a tree and, as such, should be executed with thought and care.

Winter is a popular time to prune trees. Most leaves have fallen and the tree structure is clearly visible. With a direct sightline to the tree’s interior growth habits, it is often easier for an arborist to identify structural issues and make sound pruning decisions.

There are many benefits to pruning during winter, but first consider all the factors involved. Is the tree close to a building, walkway or power lines? What is its condition? Are any structural defects or storm damage present? What are the landscape functions provided by the tree and how will pruning impact those functions? Is the tree too dense? Does it need shaping?

Pruning alters both the form and growth of the plant so questions like these should be addressed before pruning cuts are made.

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Taking a Tree Inventory Online

University of Chicago’s Campus Environment team knew it was time to move beyond a limited-use, printed tree inventory to an online version that could facilitate management of the university’s urban forest. This would allow them to determine the structural stability of trees on the Main Quadrangle, many of which were more than 100 years old, while protecting these trees during the many construction projects on campus.

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Budget for Tree Care to Save Big

Many commercial properties maintain no tree care budget. Unexpected costs quickly mount when an issue emerges and money must be scraped together to pay for last-minute treatments or an emergency removal. It’s even worse when the issue results in damage to your building or on the property that could have been prevented.

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Songbirds in Winter

Tufted titmouse on a bittersweet twig.

A welcome sight in snow-laden trees and backyard feeders throughout the winter, how do birds that don’t migrate survive the below-freezing temperatures common in the north?

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