Using Herbicides Near Trees and Shrubs


Many homeowners use herbicides, commonly known as weed killers, to battle persistent plants like ragwort, pigweed, crabgrass, dandelion, purslane, clover, poison ivy, and others. Of the wide variety of herbicide products available, not all contain the same ingredients. With that in mind, these products should not be used universally. The weed being treated, site, and surrounding plant material should all be considered when choosing a product.

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Arbor Day and Earth Day 2016

Faculty, staff, students, parents and siblings of a school in Brookline, MA planted seedlings for Arbor Day and Earth Day.

Trees are important for so many reasons. They make our communities more beautiful and livable. We want to share our love of trees with others. Encouraging people to plant and care for trees is just part of the picture.

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Common Signs of Insect Invaders

Most tree pests leave visible signs of their presence – if you know what to look for.

Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss these observable symptoms. After all, it’s just a few tiny holes in the trunk or slight withering of the foliage. Unfortunately, as an infestation worsens, the plant material deteriorates and the overall appearance of the landscape suffers. In some cases, the problem may progress to a point where the plant cannot be brought back to health. The only option then becomes removal and replacement.

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Common Rose Ailments

In caring for roses, it’s important to know that treatments are available for some of the most common pests and diseases.

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New Beginnings

Here in the South, Mother Nature is busy showing off with spring in full swing. She is in high gear with blossoms and buds bursting and pollen beginning to take wind. It’s hard to imagine someone not being enthralled with this season simply for the natural beauty alone. But it also seems to be a welcoming harbinger of hope and renewal. Fresh starts. New beginnings. Continued growth. If it’s not already obvious, I love this time of year. Spring seems to be an unfailing tangible and spiritual representation of hope and renewal in all things.

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