St. Paul Arbor Month

In the Minneapolis area? Please join us on May 30th for a great event celebrating Arbor Month at Linwood Recreation Center and pick up a free elm seedling. Continue reading

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Oak Processionary Moth

Oak processionary moth (OPM) is a dangerous pest that poses a risk to human and animal health. The Forestry Commission recommends surveying of oaks in the greater London area. Contact with OPM caterpillars can result in rashes, conjunctivitis, and breathing difficulties. Continue reading

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The Joys of Youth

One of my greatest joys in working at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Arboretum is being provided the opportunity to interact with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Most recently, we had the opportunity to host a group of local middle school students. We often host colleges but rarely have younger people here on the scene with us so this was a real treat. Continue reading

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Predictive Analytics for Tree Care

We live in an age where computers increasingly play an ever-larger role in all facets of how we manage large amounts of information. Companies like Amazon and Apple use data to help forecast future decision-making and consulting firms such as Deloitte and International Business Machines help companies that manage data improve efficiency. There is no secret that analyzing large volumes of information has its benefits. Today, the rise in computer technology for managing data has even found a place in tree care. Anyone who is charged with the task of managing large populations of trees should consider a tree inventory and management plan with Bartlett Inventory Solutions. Continue reading

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Tree Removal in Portland, Oregon

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Vaughn, Brian, BK, and Anthony from our Portland, Oregon office doing a fantastic job with a tree removal.

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